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SAP Implementation Life Cycle

We use ASAP Methodology to Implement SAP successfully. We work in following way.

Step 1. Project Preparation: Here we plan the whole project of SAP Implementation(End to End Implementation or Rollout Implementation). This is being performed by Project Management Team.

Step 2. Creation of BBP(Business Blue Print): Here we perform two activities.

→ A. Creation of ASIS Process/Document: Here we document/map the current business process and the requirements needed to be improved of the client business. We also collect the required report formats of the client. For this we use to directlly interact(face to face, telephonic or other communication medias) with client/users. Generally we use to create this document in word file format. We use to get this document signed off by the client once it completed.

→ B. Creation of TOBE Process/Document: Here we document/explain the available solution in SAP for ASIS process. Generally we use to create this document in word file format. We use to get this document signed off by the client once it completed.

Step 3. Realization and Testing:

→ A. Realization: Here we configure and customize the SAP System as per BBP(Business Blue Print).

→ B. Testing: Here we perform SIT(System Integration Testing) and UAT(User Acceptance Testing).
In SIT, we show the business process(that we mapped in SAP system) to the client/users. We use to get it signed off by the client/users once it completed successfully.
In UAT, the client/users performs/perform the detailed testing. We use to get it signed off by the client/users once it completed successfully.

Step 4. Final Preparation: Here we perform the cutover activity, means data migration. For data migration we use either LSMW or BDC or both.

Step 5. Go Live and Support: Go live, means SAP has been successfully implemented and the client has started to use it. And in support phase we provide the post implementation support.

Our SAP Implementation Services includes:

- Assessment studies,
- Process mapping with standard SAP,
- Modifications and enhancements to existing SAP functionalities,
- Developing new ABAP functionality to meet the new and changing business requirements.

→With utmost precision and professional experience, our consultants develop plans based on your corporate strategy that fundamentally improve your company's business processes.

→Our consultants deliver action plans that will effectively support your company's goals & objectives. We also integrate other important areas of our proven consultancy work, including technology consulting and change management process. We also do the Upgrade planning and consolidation assessment.

Project Management

Our application consultant creates the Business Blueprint by identifying the business process requirements, configures the R/3 System together with business process team, transfer the knowledge to the customer team members and assist the business process team with testing. UCPL designs robust systems and practical business solutions that can be easily maintained. UCPL has the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific SAP implementation goals and objectives.

System Development

System development plays an important role, whether in implementation projects or in running operations. Whether the SAP products are completely replacing the previous IT landscape or must be integrated into the existing applications - system development is always necessary. A system development project encompasses all the activities undertaken from the time at which a potential requirement is identified until the resulting system is fully implemented and accepted by the end user.

Functional Consulting

UCPL consultants know industry best practices but will also listen to you to understand your business environment and process. The result is an implementation that is tailored to your needs and incorporates industry best practices. Let us help you design a unique SAP solution that fits your business processes and needs.

Technical Consulting

Our technical consultants are SAP-certified in multiple technical areas. They have good expertise in ABAP coding, BASIS/System admin support services, interfaces, custom solutions or system management, UCPL has also the resources you need.

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